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Installing the Plugin

How to install the plugins:
  1. Start eclipse and add a new update site (Help > Install New Software... > Add...).
  2. Click ok
  3. Eclipse will now download a list of plugins from the site. Please ensure that eclipse has been configured for any HTTP proxies that your organization may have implemented. Select plugin from list and click next.
  4. Accept license agreement.
  5. Restart eclipse.
  6. The plugin generates directed graphs based on information inside a model. This graphing capability is provided by the Graphviz open source application. Please download and install Graphviz from their website before using the plugin. Windows may ask to restart the computer, this is not necessary at this time.

Using the Plugin

How to use the plugins:
  1. Right click on a model.
  2. Select 'WEF Graphs' from popup menu.
  3. Select 'Actions' submenu to generate graph of action list trace (builders which invoke action lists in the model).
  4. Select 'Imported Models' submenu to generate a graph of all the models imported.

Supported platforms: Windows/Linux

Version Release notes
1.3.010713 Looks like I messed up the versioning labels. Please uninstall and reinstall to get this latest version, and ensure that the "Show only the latest versions of available software" option in the plugin install dialog is unchecked or this version will not be visible. Added file:// prefix to image file src in html. Fixed recursive imports to ignore disabled builders.
Added progress indicator. First release.