Configuring the DirectLinkDemo

The direct portal link builder requires the installation and configuration of an additional ExternalLinkWeb.war component to function correctly. Below are instructions on how to complete the configuration for the DirectLinkDemo sample model.

It may be necessary to restart the application if multiple changes are applied since the configuration is only loaded at startup.

The next step is to assign unique names to the portal page and portlet to match the above configuration. This can be done through the portal administration console Portal Settings > Custom Unique Names.

Navigate to portal /wps/mypoc?uri=WEFDPL:DLDemo&invoiceID=12345ABC and verify that the application is working.

Configuring the Direct Portal Link XML

Here's a detailed explanation of the XML elements:

wefdpl This defines a target URL that will navigate to a page. There may be more than one wefdpl in the configuration.
wefdpl@linkname The unique identifier that is referenced in the uri parameter of the URL. Typically this will represent the name of your application.
wefdpl@page-uniquename The custom unique name assigned to the portal page which will be the target of navigation.
portlet This defines a portlet on the target page. There may be more than one portlet on the page.
portlet@uniquename The custom unique name assigned to the portlet on the target page.
parameter Create a parameter for each value to be passed to your porlet. There may be more than one parameter.
parameter@name The parameter name as it appears on the URL

Here's what the URL looks like: