IBM Redbook Published

January 2013 - DsixE contributes to a new IBM Redbook:Developing Exceptional Multi-Channel Web Experiences. The publication is being announced at the Lotusphere Connect 2013 conference, and describes how Web Experience Factory with Worklight can be used to quickly develop a web application for delivery to multiple client devices and form factors.

Eclipse Graph Plugin

January 2013 - We're starting the new year by rolling out a plugin which enables graphing of models in a project. More details can be found on my blog, it is freely available to everyone and instructions can be found on our eclipse update site.

Web Experience Factory Builders - Message Banner

December 2012 - This builder demonstrates how easy it is to capture repeatable design patterns with WEF, the message banner builder is used to provide feedback after an action is executed. The builder not only displays the message, it also automatically removes it on page refresh.

Install as a feature in the WEF designer and execute the sample models/solutions/dsixe/MessageBannerTest.model.

Download zip

Web Experience Factory Builders - Direct Portal Link

July 2012 - Our customers have long asked for the ability to send their users email notifications from an application containing a direct link into portal. Using the Direct Portal Link builder, this capability is now possible with WEF.

Install as a feature in the WEF designer and execute the sample model in models/solutions/dsixe/DirectLinkDemo.

Download a trial version

Web Experience Factory Builders - Javascript XML Transform

June 2012 - We've just released our latest custom builder for IBM's Web Experience Factory framework. It's called the Javascript XML Tranform and it addresses one of the factory's greatest challenges, which is transforming XML data into a shape that is easy to work with.

Web Experience Factory is an excellent tool for quickly developing and deploying web applications, but many times the data available presents challenges and needs to be transformed into a manageable shape. Using our Javascript XML Tranform builder, a developer can use server side javascript instead of the more technical combination of java code with the IXml API.

Here are some reasons why this is a preferred way of handling XML in WEF

Download a trial version